Depreciation with Excel - so you create tables

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Depreciation with Excel - so you create tables

You can easily calculate with Excel depreciation.

So you can create straight-line depreciation with Excel

Those looking for the easiest way to display tabular depreciation, this is with Excel is linear. Accordingly, the purchase costs are recorded and subtracted from the residual value. then divide the result by even the useful life and can change this value then deduct annually from the purchase price.

  1. Start now to create a table in Excel by opening the program. Then make a new "wallet" on.
  2. Now enter into the three cells above the acquisition cost, the amount of the reservation and the useful life. To do this, take the A1 to A3 fields.
  3. Next, you create with Excel a table and add the title "year", "amortization" and "book value". You can start in the cell A5 and then end in cell C5.
  4. In the field "year" wear now a one to five years, if you want to record five years.
  5. Then add in the first cell, the term "amortization" a formula. This formula is then "($ A $ 1 $ A $ 2) / $ A $ 3". Note that the calculation is linear, that is, you have to fix the cells. Select the Formula line in the cell. For example, you can search for A1. And then press the F4 key. Then copy the formula in each subsequent year.
  6. Have you been doing everything right, so you can see this if now the book value has been based in the first year, the cost less of what is written in the first year.
  7. The book value of the last year, you have stated, then, should be the residual value. You can then check again all the numbers for accuracy and save list.

Find out more about depreciation

  • You should know that there are two forms of calculation, which are attributable to the accounting area and you can perform with Excel. One type is the declining balance and the other type linear.
  • In linear it is so that you can write off a car that has cost 70,000 euros, more than seven years. Then, the purchase price is divided by seven and it can then annually 10,000 euros are depreciated.
  • The declining balance is a little more complicated. Here, 20% per year are accounted to 25% of the residual value. The amount you write is initially higher and becomes less and less over the years.
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