Descale steam cleaners - so it'll work

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Descale steam cleaners - so it'll work

Descaling your steam cleaner without aggressive agents.

Steam cleaners easily remove dirt

  • Steam cleaners are easy to handle, remove them quickly and reliably dirt and even bacteria. This created a stable and reliable performance can be ensured, should the steam cleaner every 4 - 8 weeks descale.
  • There are many new models that you no longer have to descale. In older steam cleaner you but can not avoid the descaling.

descale effective without aggressive agents

  • You can descale your steam cleaner with simple home remedies. Simply fill in a vinegar and leave for the whole 24 hours. Rinse the steam cleaner then several times with clean water and already he is working again without any problems.
  • If you do not want to endure a whole day the smell of vinegar, you can set up a solution with a commercial descaling agent for coffee machines.
  • These fill the steam cleaner and heat it on. Try carefully whether the calcification can be solved at the nozzle.
  • Alternatively, you can give something descaling solution or vinegar from the outside to the steam outlet solution. Allow the solution or the vinegar act and clean it off after some time.
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