Descaling with vinegar essence - how it works

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Descaling with vinegar essence - how it works

With vinegar descale - the ideal solution for the problem

Lime is the main problem, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. In the kitchen there is, for example, the coffee, the kettle and the faucet. In the bathroom there is the shower and the faucet, but also the washing machine. Here should be taken at regular intervals against the lime.

Descaling with vinegar - one of the best remedies for lime

  1. In the washing machine the housewife today to every washing a descaler to to protect the laundry and the machine from limescale. Just Certainly every it should be that other items that are exposed to the lime defenseless, are regularly maintained.
  2. When coffee enter the water added about 2 shot glasses vinegar and let then run through once. Then again to run through a filling water, now the machine is ready for use again.
  3. When kettle take about the same amount of vinegar essence and enter them but only added when the water has boiled. Now let the whole act about 20 minutes. Then empty and let boil again a filling water and drain again. Now the kettle can be put back into operation.
  4. When the tap, unscrew the strainer with the holder and lay them in hot water to which you have also added vinegar. After one hour, both should be clean again.
  5. When descaling the shower take a small bucket that you filled with hot water and about 6-8 shot glasses have added vinegar and enter the shower head into it. This should then also be free of lime again after an hour.
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