Desert species - Find out the formation of deserts

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Desert species - Find out the formation of deserts

No one has to bury its head in the sand in the face of the desert species.

Desert species can be defined according to different criteria. One possibility is to classify the desert after their formation.

Desert species after emergence

  • There is even the relief desert that belongs in a category of inland and rain shadow desert. All these deserts are located inside the continents and often in mountain nearby. Here hardly comes rain and hot sink, dry air masses down. Example is the scenery Great Basin in the USA.
  • Then there is the Passat desert, which is also known as Tropic desert or subtropical dry desert. It is located around 30 degrees north or south of the equator, where the air is pressed and heated from Urpassat down. So what is important here to dry air masses that produce deserts like the Kalahari.
  • A subtype of Passat desert coastal fog or desert. It is generated by trade winds and ocean currents that cause cold mist clouds and then disappear in desert areas immediately. This phenomenon of coastal fog, there is for example in the Namib.

More desert species

  • The desert is sometimes also characterized by their constituents in different desert species.
  • The rocky desert has emerged from the rock of the subsoil. The desert sand is formed from sand dunes that has blown along by the wind. Gravel deserts in turn caused by the earlier migration of rocks that were over time to gravel and generated chatter desert.
  • In a salt desert there are many collection wells, where the salt deposits of rain desert character. There are also ice deserts, where it is very cold and the ice everything got buried under.
  • are important in the formation of deserts always winds, clouds, oceans, temperatures and geographical locations.
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