designate fold between the nose and mouth? - Declaration of human facial structures

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designate fold between the nose and mouth?  - Declaration of human facial structures

The philtrum runs from the nasal septum to the upper lip.

A fold below the nose

  • Popularly known as "Rotzrinne" reads the anatomical Latin terminus of this facial structure between the nose and mouth "philtrum". The name derives from the Greek term "φίλτρον" [Philtron], which means something like "love spell", "love means" or "love potion" from. The lowermost end of the philtrum forms part of the "Amorbogens". All names that are related in this regard with love are attributed to the ancient Greeks, who regarded the philtrum as stimulating and charming "Love spot" of the body.
  • It is also not a wrinkle in the true sense. Rather, it is about a vertical groove which extends from the nose to the upper lip. It occurs during embryonic development in the convergence of the facial skin.

Not to be confused with the nasolabial folds

The nasolabial folds are the facial lines which, more specifically of the nose, extending from the upper projection of the nose on both sides of the mouth. They are individually less pronounced them. They can vary in shape, depth and length. Influence on the shape, the form of the facial muscles, the thickness of subcutaneous fat and the age of the person.

The cupid bow at the mouth

The already mentioned above cupid bow is the upper limit of Oberlippenrots which has the same shape as that of the hunting weapon "bow". He is also known under the name Kupidobogen. The reference to the Roman god of love "Cupid" or of desire "Cupid" arises again, as well as the lips erogenous zones represent, due to their high nerve density.

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