Desinfec't download

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Desinfec't download

Viruses you fight with Desinfec't.

Clear Desinfec't for viruses

Desinfec't is a Linux live system. This means that you can boot from a CD directly. Linux is booted then making a full scan of your hard drive.

  • The system derived from c't magazine, where it is regularly settled in the gift CDs / DVDs, downloading it is not available.
  • Formerly called Desinfec't "Knoppicillin" renaming came from the fact that no longer Knoppix was used as the base system.
  • Technically you set earlier on a Knoppix live distro, then moved on but Fedora 12 live CD and today uses Ubuntu.
  • Desinfec't you obtained as described above on the cover CD / DVD c't magazine and it is not available for download. Therefore, to obtain a version, you have to buy the magazine.
  • The CD booklet allows for a direct booting of the Linux distribution, allowing them to really scan the system for viruses with this.
  • An installation of Desinfec't on a USB flash drive is also possible, but requires some effort.

No Download the scanner possible

  1. Visit the website of the Heise publishing house under c't magazine and then at c't projects, the current version Desinfec't 2011th
  2. There you will also find the description which c't issue you need to buy to get the version of Desinfec't.
  3. To boot from the CD, select the boot sequence that you want to boot from your CD.
  4. In the boot menu, select "Desinfec't Start" and wait for the system to load.
  5. In the surface click "start virus scan" on. You can then select the antivirus and click "OK".
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