destroying flea eggs - how it works

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destroying flea eggs - how it works

Flea eggs you should rectify the problem.

  1. Especially pets can be infected with flea eggs if fleas have laid their eggs in the fur, from which a short time later hatch called nits. To protect your pet in advance, it is therefore recommended to apply a flea collar, so do not bother fleas on your pet nest to lay there flea eggs.
  2. If your pet still infested with fleas, so you should directly apply flea powder that you receive at the pharmacy. To avoid that one or the other flea its eggs deposits in the fur and instead dies.
  3. Even vets get various products, such as "spot on", which it also ensures that flea eggs are destroyed. This is a small vial with a liquid, which give onto the coat of your pet.
  4. If you want to use flea sprays against flea eggs, it is recommended that if you repeat the treatment after spraying the premises once more directly, because the spray evaporates quickly. Let it therefore good act only on the premises before then ventilate thoroughly.

Even so flea eggs can be destroyed

  1. Suck all furniture and carpets from well to remove flea eggs. Surely you will get with a vacuum cleaner, not all flea eggs, but it is helpful to use the device. Then close the dust bag well and dispose of it immediately in an outside garbage can.
  2. Of course, you should rid your clothes and flea eggs. Here's a hot machine wash advantageous.
  3. Are you concerned as a man of flea eggs, so there are special shampoos in the pharmacy, on which you can use to destroy the nits.
  4. Also, get in the pharmacy flea baths, which are given as a bath in the bath water.
  5. So-called nits combs have also proved to be helpful to comb out flea eggs from the hair. However, do not destroy them with the process.
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