determine power consumption of heating oil

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determine power consumption of heating oil

The power consumption of heating oil should be determined. Thorben_Wengert / Pixelio

The power consumption of a system can be found out so

Modern oil heating systems use not only on the main unit of energy, but there is in several places a power consumption instead. In addition to the electronics of the actual heating there are generally among others still more circulation pumps, which also require electricity. To determine the consumption, depending on the technical requirements, different heavy or light.

  • The most convenient (but unfortunately also the most expensive) way, is to determine the power consumption to be installed by a qualified electrician install a separate meter that measures the energy consumed all belonging to the heating system components. Talk to a specialist.
  • You can also be determined by calculation, which may be only approximately accurate but power consumption. To do this, first determine how much kilowatt accommodate the individual consumer. This is in the technical documentation or directly on the devices. After you determine the approximate average time per day. Talk Best way to engineer the installer operation, who knows the system. Now, if you multiply each kilowatt-values ​​with the average operating time in hours per day and take the result times 365 and then add up all the individual results, you have determined the approximate consumption in KWh.
  • The standby consumption of the oil heater must be neglected, unless you know the technicians or the technical documentation also this. For this you can contact the manufacturer, of course, also.

Other ways to determine the energy costs of heating oil

  • the case occurs especially in houses with rented apartment on often that there are only two electricity meters, the distribution systems usually run on the device of the landlord. then herauszurechnen This cost is then difficult. As a solution to the total power consumption is then added together, divided by the square footage of the house and then allocated to the different parties, by multiplying by the square number of each housing unit. In some cases it even pull landlord the right to assume the cost, but require a slightly higher rent in return.
  • Another common practice is to quote a percentage of fuel costs as operating costs, among which also covers the power consumption. Mostly for around 3% is estimated.
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