Development of heating oil prices - so you buy at the right time

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Development of heating oil prices - so you buy at the right time

The fuel oil price development should observe, before ordering oil.

Thus you will save by monitoring the evolution of oil prices

The level of oil prices depends on many factors. Very strong this is influenced by the international oil markets, said Brent is crucial for one here heating oil. Speculators affect the price exactly as political events and increased or reduced demand which may be for example, due to the weather. All this makes it even experts difficult to predict the price trend. But with a bit of information it will be possible for you to save some 100 euros, which can come together quickly in several 1000 liters.

  • To buy at the right time, you should keep an eye on developments, and not just a short time before your supply is low. About statistics containing data of years of market observations, you can determine the expected best period in which the fuel oil prices are the lowest in the rule and make a note of these dates already. Statistics can be found if you search the Internet for key words like "oil prices" and "development".
  • Generally speaking, that political crises in the Middle East usually drive oil prices always go up. However, as soon as they are emerging, it is usually too late, as even rumors of this kind for an inflationary effect sufficiently. Therefore, you should neglect this aspect and rely more on statistics and simultaneous demands for the prices currently valid.
  • Track the current price developments closely. Here rise and prices fall usually gradual. If you see from one of the trajectories that just there is a low-price phase, as they can, for example, recognize charts at, you may get immediate prices with suppliers in your area. Then flip to the lowest price.
  • Proceed generally the case that you only buy if the development of the oil price follows "normal" cycles and no international crises, etc. are present, of which know all about the media. Because then the markets tend to react much illogical and unpredictable, as it is already the case anyway.

Other measures can help in saving

  • Remember that you get the oil a little cheaper if you buy more of it. So it may be quite profitable, no subsets, but several 1000 liters to buy. Optionally, it is worthwhile to purchase together with a few neighbors. Here you should however be aware that you are responsible for your neighbor might, if they do not pay.
  • Figure out exactly how much oil you need or how high your consumption and how long the remaining amount is sufficient. So you can stay quiet for the emergency in a prolonged period of high prices and wait with the purchase yet, because you are then sure that there is enough for a while. Optionally, the price drops again.
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