DHL: Package tracking without number - so you can proceed

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DHL: Package tracking without number - so you can proceed

With the package tracking you learn the exact delivery date.

Parcel services offer broadcast receivers the opportunity to follow the path of the ordered consignment of the delivery to the delivery date. When parcel service DHL every shipment receives for package tracking number.

DHL - package tracking online tracking code

Each package delivery company now offers a tracking service.

  • On the website of all major parcel services DPD via DHL to UPS, you and all other broadcast receiver free service package tracking, also known as package tracking, use.
  • Using Tracking You can track online for an online shopping very easy and convenient packages ordered. For this, one needs only a certain number allocated by the parcel to the sender at the package task of the package.
  • From this Seller shipment number is usually automatically be forwarded to you by email.
  • The easiest way to package tracking, if you have the appropriate program number. The number you enter in the appropriate field and press the Search button.
  • If this number is not available for any reason with you, DHL also has a solution for it.

Tracking without number using the customer

The shipment number is a combination of numbers and letters. Thus, each packet for package tracking be positively identified. The number may be at DHL up to 39 digits long.

  • If you only incompletely or not at all have this number available, please contact the customer service of DHL to track the shipment without tracking number.
  • On the website of DHL you a form is made available to contact. Here it is important, in addition to the personal data as much information as possible about the sender (address data) and the nature of the program indicate.
  • In addition to the e-mail contact, you can also reach the customer service phone via a toll-0180 number.

A consignment number, you should always keep it safe. For saving all participants an extra effort. In an emergency, you will be helped without number.

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