DHL Tracking international - so you can monitor your shipment

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DHL Tracking international - so you can monitor your shipment

International parcel tracking via DHL

As when sending parcels within Germany as well as international packages on the Tracking of DHL can be monitored.

The Need for Tracking

  • First, you need to track a package which is transported by DHL, the tracking number. This consists of a combination of numbers and letters, and is generated only once for the shipment tracking.
  • This so-called "identity code" is, even at international packages, both on the parcel and on your deposit receipt. When ordering on the Internet this number will usually be sent to the shipping confirmation email.

monitor International packages with DHL

  1. Have your shipment number, or the identity code at hand, so you can enter it on the website of DHL and so track the status of your shipment.
  2. Select "International" when a packet was sent abroad or if you are expecting a package from abroad. Then enter the ID code in the space provided and click "Search" to start the shipment tracking.
  3. If data are stored to this number when DHL, now a list, where your package appear, or in which processing phase is the package.
  4. If no information on the program can be made, the package was not yet at the DHL. This is especially the case if the parcel has been made via the online franking, the package itself has not yet been issued.
  5. Should not be changed within 24 hours of this state, so contact best the sender and ask for, whether the delivery has already been placed there.
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