Dicker pimple on the nose - how to get rid of the unloved eye quickly

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Dicker pimple on the nose - how to get rid of the unloved eye quickly

The pimple has to go!

Dicker pimples - important information

  • Normally dermatologists strongly advise against it to express itself pimples. There is a high risk that the inflamed pimples and thereby make more pimples. In addition, unsightly scars may remain that accompany a lifetime. But there is a way, as pimples can be expressed as possible "clean". It is important to pay attention to some things.
  • Especially with blackheads and pimples pus particular caution should be used because it can quickly lead to an internal inflammation that would leave visible scars later. Despite all the precautions to be taken, you should not hesitate to seek medical attention to appraised the affected areas themselves. Thus, a potential hazard is avoided to worsen somewhat by an incorrect self-treatment.

Dicker pimples - the pretreatment

  • Before expressions, it is useful to take a warm shower and - even better - thoroughly clean the facial skin. This ensures the highest possible soft and clean skin that can be treated perfectly.
  • In particular, the hands should be washed thoroughly with soap and best cleaned with disinfectant, so go no further bacteria to the skin in the treatment. This prevents the risk of infection.

Expressions of thick pickles

  1. Following accept washing a sharp needle to help to open eg pus pimples. This should be sterilized before either a lighter or a disinfectant. Subsequently, the pimples may be gently pierced.
  2. Next, use the handkerchief in order to get by gently pressing on the lower side of the pimple. Here, care should be given care that no blood is running out. Otherwise, the process should be stopped.
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