"Diesel" as a drink - so mix it properly

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"Diesel" as a drink - so mix it properly

Diesel is a popular beverage. Klicker / Pixelio

Diesel is not only a fuel, but also an alcoholic mixed drink of cola and beer. It I is therefore ideal for all, which is pure beer bitter and harsh. Before you can enjoy your diesel, however, you should keep a few things.

use the correct components - diesel as a drink

If you want to mix diesel, you should not just use any cola.

  • Use of diesel no diet coke or Zero, but original cola with sugar. This tastes a bit different from the low-sugar varieties and therefore better suited to the beer.
  • It is also important that you use the right beer. Dark beer like the Irish Guinness are not, any more wheat beer. A normal Pilsener, however, is just as well suited as a K├Âlsch for diesel.
  • Also, the glass is critical: Although diesel is a mixed drink, you should not use a highball glass, but a glass of beer for it.

Now it's time to mix the tasty beverage.

To properly mix

When mixing occurs entirely on the personal taste.

  • If you would like it very sweet, you can fill the glass halfway with cola and half with beer. The Cola always comes first.
  • The flavor is then however quite extreme - that's why many prefer a variant, are mixed in the two-thirds beer and one third Cola.
  • Make sure in any case, always ensure that you no longer use Cola than beer - otherwise the taste is very stale.
  • That you use too little Cola, remember, is when the foam head ast white. You should always look slightly dirty, then adjusts the mixture.

You see: Diesel is always a matter of taste - if in doubt, make the two-thirds mixture but nothing wrong.

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