Difference between Adidas F10 and F30 Adidas

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Difference between Adidas F10 and F30 Adidas

The choice of football boots is very important for the sport. Dieter_Schütz / Pixelio

The "F-series" - shoes by Adidas

  • The huge sporting goods manufacturer Adidas is located in Herzogenaurach and looks back on a long tradition. For many years, the Group equips the feet of footballers with top quality footwear. Already at the sensational world championship title of the German national team (1954 in Bern), the players were equipped with shoes of Adi Dassler, who founded this company.
  • Since its founding in 1949, Adidas is one of the world's largest companies and a supplier of many teams in almost every sport. Especially for football, the Group provides a broad band area of ​​services and equipment.
  • The company Adidas has produced one new football boot of the "F-series" on the market, you offered in three versions. The new shoe is available in the version "F10", "F30" and "F50".

"F10" and "F30" - the differences

The three shoes "F-model" have differences in quality and price. They are both suitable for every type of player.

  • The "F10" is the least expensive shoe. It can be bought for around 60 euros. Its quality is not as good as the other two models, however, it is a good shoe, which is especially suitable for amateur players. He is also with about 200 grams relatively easy. The shoe has - in contrast to "F30" and "F50" no long tongue, the shoelace covered, but only a relatively short, the warp and are uncomfortable can.
  • The "F30" is the shoe of the middle class. It costs about 110 euros, but is it more stable and also the heaviest in this series. The high stability ensures good protection and a good fixation of the foot, so that the risk of twisting is reduced. The "F30" also has a very long tongue that hides the laces and thus keeps it clean. This version is only in one model with studs, not with cams.
  • The most expensive football shoe "F-series" is the "F50" and should be referred to for the sake of completeness. He is the most expensive model by far and costs to purchase about 200 Euro. He is a very light shoe (about 175 grams) and also get a leather variation. Despite its lower weight, it has a good stability.

The most important thing when buying shoes is that the model fits and has a comfortable fit. The price does not always make the difference, but you should look at the quality of the individual shoes anyway. Especially for players who play rarely, a preisgeünstiges model, also club players can set the more expensive models suggest - as long as they fit.

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