Difference between vegetarians and vegans - that's noted

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Difference between vegetarians and vegans - that's noted

Vegans eat only plant products.

What you eat as a vegetarian

  • Vegetarians eat nothing that comes from dead or killed animals.
  • Accordingly, you do not eat meat, no fish or any seafood. Also animal products such as gelatin not eat many vegetarian people.
  • However, there are some differences even within the vegetarians. If you want to eat lacto-ovo-vegetarian, eat eggs, milk and dairy products such as cheese or yogurt.
  • But there are also people who do not eat eggs and therefore eat lacto vegetarian. Milk and its products eat those people as well.

Differences for vegans

however, there are huge differences to vegans.

  • The main difference is that vegans dispense entirely with animal products. They feed on pure vegetable.
  • Do you want to eat vegan, you have to give up all animal foods. This applies not only for meat or fish from dead animals, but also for milk, eggs or cheese. Also honey which is indeed produced by bees, so animals, vegan nourishing people do not eat.
  • In order to still have a balanced diet, soy and soy products should be regularly on your menu.
  • In addition to plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables you should also take legumes such as lentils or chickpeas to be.
  • And many nuts and seeds such. As almonds, sesame seeds or walnuts deliver enough vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, so you can completely animal-free healthy and balanced diet.
  • Vegans also set outside of diet on animal-free products. This refers, for example, on clothing or shoes, but also cosmetics and other toiletries.
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