"Digital Painting" for beginners - a tutorial

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"Digital Painting" for beginners - a tutorial

For Digital Painting features a graphics tablet.

Digital Painting - these requirements should be met

With a suitable computer, you can edit images freely and modify with appropriate software equipment.

  • You need a technical requirement is a computer with a good graphics card, lots of memory and a best possible monitor. As an input device that allows you Digital Painting, a graphics tablet that is available in different grades suitable. Beginner models can be purchased for about 100 to 150 euros, high-demanding and required for professional use graphics tablets cost 350-2000 euros.
  • As a program you need at least an image editing program, either the freeware Gimp or the professional software Photoshop. Within these programs, you can change digital images with various painting and editing techniques with virtual brushes in all sorts of shapes and settings.

Beginners tutorial - creating a vicious

You need the image of a person who you can turn to the means of Digital Painting in a devil for this tutorial. All Photoshop tools you can use by a Grafikpens what just worth the Digital Painting. Even beginners will find that this way of working brings more control and feel when working with it. Use a photo with a suitable resolution, so the picture quality even after several steps is still good enough. At least 300 dpi should be the resolution of your image of at least.

  1. It's always a copy of the image on to access even after steps with which you are not satisfied, on your original image can.
  2. Create two horns with the Smudge tool. Bring out the basic shape of the horns from the skin color.
  3. Now select the Brush tool. The size and appearance of the brush tip, you can change at will, and also determine the opacity of the ink used. By activating the airbrush buttons of one of the settings of the brush tool, you can use your brush like a spray gun for a very fine paint.
  4. Now put lights in the central regions of the horns and shadow in the peripheral areas, so that the horns are a bit plastic.
  5. Double-click on the color window you can manually define a color for your brush. You can also use the eyedropper tool to select any color from the image by clicking the desired color region in the image and use.

Repeat for practice this tutorial to other visual ideas.

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