dim energy saving lamps - Here's how

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dim energy saving lamps - Here's how

Special energy saving lamps can reduce power consumption further by dimming.

Buy Dimmable energy saving lamps

  • Regular energy-saving lamps can not be easily operated with a dimmer. The physical structure of the lamp does not allow this simply to dim by reducing the voltage in the brightness. For this purpose, specifically designed to energy-saving lamps are needed that are explicitly labeled as "dimmable".
  • Some manufacturers have developed a full range of dimmable energy saving lamps. The best-known manufacturers are here Osram, Phillips and Megaman.
  • Especially in this product category, you should rely on quality products. For those producers, you get a multi-year guarantee, which the relatively high purchase price hedges. Dimmable energy saving lamps are subjected to higher loads than a non-dimming energy-saving lamp. A branded product can prevent unpleasant incidents here in most cases.

Dimming of energy-saving lamps with a phase gating dimmer

  • The phase gating dimmer is the only dimmer type, which is regularly suitable for dimmable energy saving lamps. It will also meet you again Dimmer, who claim to be able to dim even regular light bulbs. To some degree this is true, however, these dimmers reduce through their work, the life of an energy saving lamp significantly, they are therefore not recommended.
  • Phase control dimmers are sold in most cases as a standard dimmer. Most dimmers follow this operating principle.
  • The construction of energy-saving lamp requires that the lamp gets the full operating voltage during startup. Therefore, you should not start your dimmed lights, but leave them at the start of the full power ahead. Do not do that, the lamp will start to flicker.
  • Flaring corresponds in principle a starting process. As energy-saving lamps are designed only for a certain number of starting operations, the operation of a flickering energy saving lamp whose life is drastically reduced.
  • Also, you should not be dimmed below a certain level dimmable energy saving lamps, it can also come to flicker.
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