Direct marketing - examples of the practice

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Direct marketing - examples of the practice

Marketing activities by telephone Benjamin_Thorn / Pixelio

The major telephone companies often use the Apply direct marketing. Examples here are about the advertising of new telephone tariffs. The Internet uses this form of marketing. Examples are here about filtering out deals with Internet portals such as Amazon. So the company is looking specifically based on data entered in the Internet to do for the customer and presents them unsolicited.

Which means of communication used in direct marketing and what are its aims?

  • Indicator of direct marketing is that the customer or target group is addressed directly. The aim is to prevent large groups are achieved, not suitable: the manufacturer has.
  • Furthermore, the aim is also to receive a direct response by the customer of this a prompt reply. The sales channel can thereby learn a shortcut.
  • For direct marketing different communication channels are available. The most famous version is probably the call center.

Further examples and areas of direct marketing

  • The sale may overlap with the direct marketing. So can be output as a target in addition to the advice and information of the customer and the sale.
  • Furthermore, it is also often the first stage of sale. To arrange an appointment telephone operators with potential customers. The field worker then tries to distribute the personal contact, a service or product.
  • When addressing customers put direct marketers on the evaluation of information to the hit rate - about when making calls - to increase.
  • Furthermore, companies this form of marketing also in the care of regular customers. To give companies further information on new products to the customer base and achieve a more rapid sales through the relationship with the customer.
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