Dirndl Oversized - so the styling is advantageously possible

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Dirndl Oversized - so the styling is advantageously possible

Back you. Your benefits into perspective

A Dirndl should have a classic cut

  • First of all, it is so that one can easily have a bit oversized for carrying a Dirndl, so one should not be too thin because it does not fit well together. In such a costume robe also an accomplished woman must have space.
  • Go on your purchase Dirndl Oversized for your figure definitely in a costume shop, because there is the individually tailored to you, although it costs more, but it looks much better than this pseudo-costumes Outtakes from the supermarket.

To find the right plus size

  • It is also important to know what your oversize is the Dirndl, because there is a difference whether a double D bust have an hourglass or a plump midsection. Maybe you need the special size also, because you are great as a woman over 1.80 m.
  • Important is the styling that you emphasize your best features and distract from the, in your opinion, less beautiful places. If you have too little bust, you can change that with cushions and push-up bras.
  • If you have too little bust, you can change that with cushions and push-up bras. Or, use a matching silk cloth hang loosely around her shoulders.
  • With a strong midsection you should avoid bright colors and possibly wear a corset under the dress. Conversely, if you are a little too thin and tall, choose bright colors with a frilly blouse and cap sleeves that optically widen.
  • The shoes are also an important part of the costume. Lace pumps or high heels do not go, the lift instead on for evening wear. If you are small, you can cheat a bit with brogues with thicker soles, you should act too big, you'd better take very flat shoes.
  • If you want to dress with eye-catching colors, you should start with the highlights emphasize your benefits and take the less beautiful places with a muted color out of focus.
  • Think. Always to the overall appearance, because you should fit the costume, so please do not dress in mini with false bound apron or without sleeves Because that's not a costume Darling and not stressed advantageous. You should also feel comfortable in your Dirndl Oversized, because if you do it "dressed" feel, you will view you that.
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