Disc Flyer - Informative

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Disc Flyer - Informative

Trees grow individually and in groups.

Disc flyer or wings fruit

  • In a disc flyer is a wing fruit that ensures due to its ingenious nature for procreation.
  • You can recognize the delicate flyer on bright, transparent wings that form an oval disc. In the center is a single seed, also called nutlets. From the fruit tip to the seeds a cut runs.
  • Due to the great ease of disc flyer this can easily be picked up by the wind and carried into the world. Landing at last on a fertile soil and agree the conditions, the seeds germinate and a new plant may arise.
  • Thus, the propagation obtained a high probability, makes a single plant out numerous wing fruit.

The seeds of a tree known

  • See disc flyer on the elm. The botanical name is Ulmus carpinifolia 'Umbraculifera'.
  • The rugged woodland belongs to the undemanding tree species and growing in forests, on water and in parks. The previously produced flowers are found in small red-brown tufts.
  • The fast-growing plant can reach a height of about 35 meters and up to 25 meters wide.
  • You can identify the elm on said disc fliers. The previously produced flowers are found in small red-brown tufts. The green leaves are usually oblong and received in the fall a beautiful yellow color.

Particularly the insect appreciate the elms. Back in March, the bees collect the pollen. Moreover, butterflies and caterpillars visit the popular food source.

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