Discover autumn noises with children - suggestions for a project

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Discover autumn noises with children - suggestions for a project

Guess together to which the autumn sound it goes.

Suggestions for a project

  • Have each child bring a fall of noise and imagine the other children, without being able to see what is at stake. For this you can for example put a small privacy screen on a table and behind give rise to the noise. Or tell the children simply that they close their eyes. After the noise has been guessed, you can still the child who brought the noise, ask why it has opted for this autumn noise and so come in an exciting conversation.
  • You also could bring all fall noise itself and make along with another teacher or teachers a kind of competition for the entire group therefrom. Share for the group. In two smaller groups on and let them guess the same as above, which is heard The group, which has guessed most autumn sounds in a given time is the winner.
  • Or create with the children a sound history. For this purpose you should consider a fall history in advance, which you can then share with the children using to make tools and objects agile. For example, you can see the history of a colorful autumn leaf tell that floats through the air, falling on Chestnut past and finally on the construction of a hedgehog lands (drum rustling of dried leaves). The hedgehog tapst out into the sunlight (xylophone). Rain (Rainmaker) and Storm (drums) and later sunshine with a pretty rainbow (xylophone) can be displayed on the instruments.

A selection of autumn noises

  • In autumn you can hear while walking the typical autumn sound of dried leaves which are whirled. Or the rustling of leaves when a hedgehog hiding in a pile of leaves.
  • By the bite into a crisp apple, you can display the autumn sound the apple harvest.
  • The sound of migratory birds that travel to their winter quarters, you can use existing audio record audition the children. It should be able to hear the flutter and the chatter of z. B. greylag geese.
  • A typical autumn noise is also the sound of the combine while harvesting the field. This will be more difficult to guess and is therefore more suitable for older children.
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