Dishes for detox diet - Suggestions

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Dishes for detox diet - Suggestions

The detox diet rids the body of toxins and gives new strength for everyday life.

The detox diet - glance view of detoxification

  • The detox diet, which originated in the USA, is a fasting which is to rid your body of chemicals and the ballast and pollutants. In addition, the intestine is cleaned.
  • This type of diet should be not only for their own health benefit. In addition, you should get rid of the detox also unnecessary kilos.
  • The fasting is the ingestion of liquid food, such as fresh juices and soups. Besides a lot of water has to be brought to them, so that the function of the kidneys is not restricted.
  • The duration of the diet can be determined by yourself. Five days are definitely needed, while representing the maximum of fasting three weeks.
  • In addition to the healthy and detoxifying diet, the relaxation of the body is another point, is to serve the Detox. For this you should exercise regularly. Competitive sport, however, is strictly forbidden in this time. Let us have more often a little walk, an hour yoga or go jogging in nature.

Delicious dishes for fasting - suggestions for fresh foods

Since during the detox diet simply must be taken liquid food, it is very important that you have both a blender and a juicer, to prepare the dishes for fasting can.

  • For breakfast you should prepare something you long tired of holding and can start fresh and ready for the day. Especially recommended for the first meal are smoothies that you can mix with fresh fruit. You can mix a little bit of kale in the smoothie every morning. The carbon will not taste in the mix, but this gives you a strong immune system, a lot of vitamin C and a healthy lung.
  • The matching lunches the detox diet include soups. The ingredients of this you can vary each day. To be able to process a lot of seasonal vegetables in your soups and seasoning with fresh herbs. The advantage of a warm soup for lunch is not only the heat that will be donated by the hot liquid, but the liquid vitamins that get the quickest way into the body.
  • Have the evening still hungry, vegetable juices are very filling, such as a freshly squeezed tomato juice, as you know it from the aircraft, or a beetroot and apple juice that combines the sweet touch of the apple with the beetroot.
  • Food cravings any time you can help out with tea. Certain types of tea, such as green tea or fennel tea should be drunk throughout the fasting periodically anyway.

Spinach soup and power drink - two detox recipes

The spinach soup is perfect as a lunch dish of detox while the power drink you already in the morning gives enough energy for the day.

  1. For the spinach soup, you should start with the roasting of the pine nuts. This will succeed with a little hot oil in the pan.
  2. Then you should wash both the fresh spinach and the onion and cut into small pieces. These two ingredients you should fry over medium heat in a large saucepan.
  3. onions and spinach were seared about two minutes, you can pour already half the vegetable stock. Seasoning you can in this soup with pepper and nutmeg.
  4. When the spinach has collapsed somewhat, you can add the remaining broth. The whole thing should be mashed at the end. Garnished and served the Spinach soup with toasted pine nuts.

The power drink is prepared in minutes, so you can start without any stress in the preparation of the breakfast in the day even in the morning.

  1. The carrots should first be peeled and washed, as well as the cabbage leaves. Enter both ingredients in blender.
  2. Join the beetroot on. These are already cooked done commercially, so you only need to add the blender those as well.
  3. the whole is refined with some parsley and a pinch of salt.
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