Dishwasher powder or tablets - that you need to consider

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Dishwasher powder or tablets - that you need to consider

Whether the cheap powder is sufficient? / Pixelio

Important to dishwasher powder and Tabs

  • Dish machine powder is usually cheaper than the tabs, but it is usually only a cleaner, while tabs represent small multifunction units. Detergent, rinse aid and salt function in one. Some tabs offer 7 functions, while the dishwasher powder only cleans.
  • Unique for Tabs speaks the increased control. A tab in the chamber, which is actually intended for the dishwasher powder or in the cutlery basket and it was provided that the tab does not get caught in the chamber and thus does not dissolve.

Reasons why you should take powder

  • You bought a dishwasher and has some special features, such as an excellent water softening over an ion exchanger. For this to work, you need only saline fill in the special container and soften without the use of chemicals, the rinse water. The cheap dishwasher powder does only what it needs, it cleans dishes.
  • Even if you use Tabs with salt function, you should never give up the salt in the regenerator, because only then all units of the machine are protected against lime. The so-called salt function of the tabs is nothing more than a similar Kallöser how you know him as an addition to detergents in hard water. These agents are expensive and also pure pollution, especially when used together with soft water. In the dishwasher you have, thanks to the einbebauten Entkalker, soft water and these components of the tabs are not only superfluous but also harmful to the environment. The detergent powder is greener and cheaper alternative.
  • Also on the rinse aid, you should never do without. This makes the use of multi-functional tablets no sense. Even if the rinse aid is incorporated in the tab, the various temperatures is rinsed with those in the machine, usually lead to the fact that the rinse aid is long gone before the dishes takes the Klarspülprogramm. A little affects the whole as if you are the face before washing lotion hoping the skin to get clean and still retain enough cream on the skin.

Whether 2in1 or 7in1 (which 7 functions that often do not even the manufacturer), a normal dishwasher powder in compound of salt in the regenerator and rinse aid in the corresponding tank is gentler on the dishwasher, the environment, your wallet and often makes even for better cleaning results. Contact Tabs never a prolonged period without salt and rinse aid.

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