Disney movies - Overview

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Disney movies - Overview

Films from Walt Disney inspire not only children but the whole family.

Disney movie of the first hour - Snow White

"Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs" is the first animated film, which was recorded in the number of "masterpieces". Originally the film from 1937. basis of the action is the same story by the Brothers Grimm. Even today it is one of the best known and most popular German fairy tale.

To turn the story into a feature-length animated film, Disney has it enriched with charming drawings and much emotion. In this way, the simple act itself is replaced by an extra level of excitement, adventure and drama.

Fantasia - film classics

The film "Fantasia" is one of the Disney movies that have managed to write film history. The first version is 1940 emerged, a sequel in 1999 turned as "Fantasia 2000".

Less important than the content of the film is the artistic concept. It is a mixture of images and music. A symphony orchestra plays popular melodies and to visually support of Disney cartoon characters.

This leads to humorous variations on the original musical idea and ironical side effects. So dancing hippos from the famous ballet Ponchielli's "La Gioconda", and even Mickey Mouse presents itself as a sorcerer's apprentice in the same piece of Paul Dukas.

Grimm's Fairy Tales in a new guise - Cinderella

In 1950, Walt Disney has produced his film "Cinderella" in collaboration with the director Clyde Geronimi another masterpiece. The story is based on the fairy tale "Cinderella", but which has been modified at Disney in some aspects. Not the hazel brings Cinderella the beautiful ball gown, but the little mice who help her otherwise, endure the tyrannies of the stepmother.

The film lives of the successful compilation lovingly drawn characters, fairytale images and of course the music. The song of the good fairy "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" heard despite the difficult-to-remember text to the persistent earwigs in the history of cartoons.

Romance at Walt Disney - "Lady and the Tramp"

In the story of "Lady and the Tramp" is about two dogs that despite widely varying conceptions of life fall in love. This resulting 1955 film has become synonymous with romantic mood. At the very beginning, even before the main characters are introduced, heard the song "Beautiful is the night", in which the romantic atmosphere speaks from every line.

Unforgotten the scene during the romantic dinner of Lady and the Tramp. The image, if both unknowingly chew at the same spaghetti and finally - as with a kiss - hit each other on their muzzles, has many viewers burned forever. This scene enjoys such popularity that it has been incorporated into other films in appropriate situations.

Disney's "Jungle Book"

Whether it is the original version of the song entitled "Bare necessities" or the German translation of "The Bare Necessities" - the song of Balu the bear has made film history. Although it certainly is by far the most famous song from the soundtrack of "The Jungle Book", include many other film songs of the repertoire of many orchestras. The catchy music containing the characteristic elements of Swing, is one reason that the film not only for children represents a special highlight.

Disney's "Jungle Book" is based on the literary work of Rudyard Kipling. Produced the story was in 1967. The "Jungle Book" was the last film, the Walt Disney self-produced, as he died during production.

Arielle the mermaid

This film, which was established in 1989., deals with the substance from a fairy tale. This is, however, a template of Hans Christian Andersen. To convert the story into a film for children, the sad end was omitted and a happy ending to written. The Little Mermaid, it finally manages to soften by their sincere love for Prince Erik of her father's heart, which makes them forever to a man.

The film does not live by its dramatic and adventurous act but also of the many comic twists, for example, by the figures of the seagull Scuttle and cancer Sebastian. Not least, the music to the fact that "The Little Mermaid" today is still one of the most popular Disney films.

From Film to Musical - Disney's "The Lion King"

The masterpiece "The Lion King", which first appeared in 1994, deserves a special place in the series of Disney movies. The adventures of the little lion Simba among the most successful representations of the history of cartoons.

The charm of the film consists of the successful combination of action, music and image. Characteristic is the poignant music that involves even African rhythms, the visually stunning presentation and not least skilful exchange between pathos and humor. The two figures Pumbaa and Timon are often responsible for the necessary comic relief, which again can act quite differently so many profound moment here.

Due to the immense success it has the "Lion King" even managed to Broadway. Since 1997, the award-winning music and colorful image of violence can also be seen on stage. For the soundtrack, the plant has received two Oscars. Elton John's "Can you feel the love tonight" or "Circle of life" have become well beyond the movie to timeless earwigs.

Age material with a new look - "The Ice Queen"

The latest films from Walt Disney no longer present itself as a pure animated films, but as computer animated films. This also includes the film "The Ice Queen - Completely unabashed" from the year 2013. Although the appearance of the cinematic action has clearly changed, the stories have not lost any of its characteristic charm.

"The Ice Queen" is based on the fairy tale of the Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, however, is a very free adaptation. It tells the story of a little princess who has unusual powers, as it has the power to make everything to snow and ice. Because this capability also carries dangers, try their parents to protect them from themselves and before her sister, from which unfolds a complicated and multi-layered plot.

As in all Disney movies, it is ultimately the power of love that brings the ice literally to melt, so that ultimately turns everything to good.

More Disney movies and their characteristics

Even after the death of producer Walt Disney, the list of Disney movies is far from over. The new technical possibilities emerge ever new details and new characteristic elements that make up the charm of the films.

Other Disney classics include such films as "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" from the novel by Victor Hugo, "Brother Bear" or "The Sword in the Stone". Despite all the differences them remains common that friendship, respect and love ultimately always manifest as desirable ideals and defeat enmity and hatred.

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