Display Driver R300 stopped working - what to do?

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Display Driver R300 stopped working - what to do?

Some Windows bugs are related to hardware problems.

Image display does not work properly

Before the message "display driver R300 has stopped working" get, is usually first black your screen.

  • If the error occurs when you play, the problem is in the memory. Especially mobile graphics chips - such as the ATI Radeon X1800 - not have their own video memory, but instead use the system memory.
  • Windows Vista reserved with standard applications alone is a gigabyte of RAM. Now play elaborate games like World of Warcraft, but your laptop does not have enough main memory, Windows try to swap data on the hard drive. For large datasets, this is taking too long to play smoothly, the screen goes black and the display driver R300 no longer works.
  • Even if your laptop has sufficient system memory, so you meet the system requirements of the game without any problems, you should look at the version of your operating system. Windows Vista in 32-bit version can only manage namely 3.5 gigabytes. Here then helps only upgrade to a 64-bit version.

In summary, the error message with the display driver R300 is an indication that the hardware is not designed for the activity you want. While simply more memory or better graphics card would have to be upgraded with a desktop PC, you can only conditionally do something about it in a laptop.

R300 display driver for movies

When the R300 display driver stops working while you watch a movie or a video on YouTube, you can solve the problem by using software fix.

  • On YouTube this error occurs most often when you switch to full screen mode. Thus, the message no longer occurs, simply switch back to the smaller image format and click the right mouse button in the video. Then, select the "Settings" and uncheck the hardware acceleration.
  • For movies, you must at least turn back the hardware acceleration. For this you go to the Windows menu "Screen Resolution" and click on "Advanced Settings". In the tab "Troubleshooting" You can now modify the settings for hardware acceleration.
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