Dispose of washing machine - so you get it right

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Dispose of washing machine - so you get it right

From scrap dealers to recycling: To dispose of your washing machine!

To dispose of your washing machine correctly

  • You have already ordered a replacement for your old washing machine? Prima, then call at the supplier and ask if the company can not dispose of your old alike. Many vendors offer a disposal service for electrical appliances. but expect to see a small Gebür for pick up!
  • Another way to dispose of your old washing machine, the recycling center. In almost every town there is this service - Search online or in the yellow pages thereafter. Issuance of old electrical appliances is the recycling center often for free or very low. Many farms offer but also a pick-up fee.
  • Take a look at your daily newspaper. In the classified ads you will often find traders who collect old electrical appliances! Often faulty electric devices are searched for repair. At best, you do not even have to pay for disposal so and get even a few euros for your old machine.
  • You can dispose of your washing machine even when Spermüll. One phone call and the machine is usually picked up free of charge!
  • Even scrap dealers are pleased with old washing machines. Because the machines contain metals, can often use scrap metal dealers good. Look in the yellow pages for a dealer in your area and make an appointment for pickup. To save the disposal fee!
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