DNS server change in Windows 7

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DNS server change in Windows 7

A DNS server ensures that you reach the desired website.

The task of a DNS server

Visit sites you are interested, either through a link or enter the URL in question into the address bar of your browser. To have it since your first steps on the Internet normally. That this is possible only thanks to a DNS server, only becomes clear when it should fail.

  • Every domain that is accessed through a browser that does not consist of sense-giving words in reality. A common IPv4 address actually consists of a subdivided in 4 blocks number combination. The actual url of a website could hardly anyone remember in this form probably.
  • All stored in your memory internet addresses you can only remember because the name in question makes sense. This is what allows the Domain Name Service (DNS). This system has the appropriate IP address of any Internet site stored. Thus, it can assign each assigned domain names the correct IP address and redirects you to the desired page.
  • This service is done by thousands of servers worldwide. You will have perhaps the DNS server acquired from the basic setting of your computer. Changing the DNS server is eventually not required as long as it works.
  • However, it may - albeit rarely - be a failure of such a server, which makes the calling domain addresses impossible. Only when you change in your Control Panel to set there DNS server, you can normally access any website again.

Change The Default Domain Name Service concerning

  1. Call by clicking on the Start button in the lower left corner of your screen, the Start menu.
  2. now tap into the search "Adapter" field.
  3. Select the search result "View Network Connections".
  4. Right-clicking on the displayed current link will open a context menu.
  5. Select from this menu the "Properties" option.
  6. Now, mark the point, which includes the term "Internet Protocol 4".
  7. Click the "Properties" button.
  8. The following menu now gives you the option to select the option "Use the following DNS server addresses" enter your desired DNS server.

Select Server addresses

  • You will surely like to use the DNS servers known companies because of safety. However, you will find not always the same conditions for fast connections here.
  • You can find some lists of DNS servers on the Internet. Some of them are outdated and are no longer updated.
  • To recommend are offers that will scan the server addresses regularly. Here you can be sure not to repeat several times the settings.
  • Another aspect is the speed. Here you can be helpful eventually the program "DNS Benchmark". This checks for the availability and the time required to answer queries.
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