DOCX to JPG convert

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DOCX to JPG convert

prevent converter that DOCX contents remain secret.

The diversity of Office programs that are competing for the favor of users, it is possible that content that has been created on computer A to computer B can not be opened. A format that can lead to such problems, DOCX is. To avoid problems from the outset, it is advisable to convert that content into a JPG.

make DOCX readable anywhere with Zamzar

A provider of such DOCX in JPG Converter is the website Zamzar. DOCX documents can be transformed with a mouse click in the more common file format here.

  1. Call up your browser to the page of the service on. You will see a series of tabs that allow you to download videos, send and converting files. Select the tab "Convert Files" if it is not already open.
  2. Now a four-step form is displayed, which must be processed by you. Under point 1 you can select the file to be converted. To do this click the "Browse" button and scroll to DOCX. Do you have an account with Zamzar, the upper limit for file sizes at 100 MB. If you have signed up for the service can free files up to a size of 200 MB, are with paid access, can process up to 1 GB.
  3. Under Step 2, you can decide in what format the docx to be converted. A drop-down menu displays all available file types. Here you can select JPG.
  4. Zamzar offers the converted files directly to download. Instead, they are forwarded via email to you. It is therefore necessary that you provide a valid email address under Step. 3
  5. Under Step 4 is now awaiting the button "Convert". By clicking on the button to start uploading your DOCX file. Depending on the size can take up several minutes, the few seconds. Only when the file has been completely uploaded, Zamzar starts with the conversion to JPG. Depending on the size of the output file previously submitted, the process can also take a long time to complete. Is converting DOCX completed in JPG, you receive the finished image file via e-mail.
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