Door hardware exchange - Here's how

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Door hardware exchange - Here's how

Sometimes a door hardware needs to be replaced.

Over time you will find on every door fittings signs of wear. The luster faded and sometimes scratches or the like are to be seen. By then, the door hardware should be replaced. This is not difficult and is likely to be to accomplish by anyone.

How to remove a door fitting

  1. You will need a small screwdriver, with which you can solve the set screw on the bottom of a door handle. A set screw is a headless screw. You can be completely screwed into the internal thread and is thus invisible.
  2. but you do not completely unscrew the grub screw. It is usually sufficient if you will something solved.
  3. Then you can simply pull the lever sideways. The counterpart can be pulled out from the other side of the door.
  4. The metal panels, which are technically called labels, you must remove it. These are normally attached with small screws on the door. They need the screws only be unscrewed and can the signs decrease.

To mount a lever set

  1. Before you get yourself a new door hardware, you need to measure the thickness of the door. You must note that doors are considerably thicker than doors.
  2. First, take the longer punch member and invert one of the shields above. Between the plate and the pusher still belongs usually a plastic disc.
  3. Then plug the door handle through the opening provided.
  4. From the other side, then assemble also a sign and the second handle portion. The two handle parts must be possible compressed. the pusher unit is held in place again with the grub screw.
  5. Finally, you need to secure the two plates with screws again at the door.
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