Doorway painting - how it works

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Doorway painting - how it works

Doorway You Dope best with a steady hand.

Keys to success painting your door frame

  1. Obtain for painting brush, the order of painting the edges and points of the frame to little or no hair, that you can not or difficult to achieve with a paint roller.
  2. Grasp the brush you want to use for painting the door frame, with thumb and forefinger on the bristles and shake him a few times back and forth. As a result, loose brush hair that you can remove the same resolve. Then you do not have to laboriously individually remove them from the paint coat later.
  3. Hang the door before painting the frame wherever possible, so as not to accidentally dirty with paint.
  4. Glue seamlessly against the wall with masking tape the adjacent walls. Glue the closing mechanism clean with masking tape off. Do the same with the hinges on the door hanger.
  5. Insert from the immediately adjoining floor with painter fleece or cardboard.
  6. Ask about using non-water-soluble paints a bottle of white spirit ready to remove stains and splashes quickly.
  7. Carefully open the box with the paint and stir the content so long with a bar to appear uniformly to consistency and color of the paint.
  8. Pour into a plastic painter shell so that the ribbed surface of the shell, which is provided for rolling and evenly distribute the color, initially remains free from paint some varnish.
  9. Dip an approximately hand wide role, such as foam, into the paint and roll the paint roller a few times on the ribbed surface of the shell back and forth, so that the color is evenly distributed.
  10. Run the roller slowly so it does not splash. Roll each sheet possible only once and possible wet on wet. To achieve a uniform paint you should emphasize the door frame twice.
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