Doped semiconductors: Electric neutral - an explanation

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Doped semiconductors: Electric neutral - an explanation

In solar cells often doped semiconductors are used.

How do doped semiconductors

  • In a doped semiconductor foreign atoms are introduced into the semiconductor artificially. Characterized a different conductivity is achieved. Frequently, as a semiconductor silicon used. This semiconductor can be electrically doped with materials such as aluminum or arsenic. It is important that these substances an outer electron less and own more than silicon. Nevertheless, the doped semiconductor is electrically neutral to the outside.
  • Doping is called n-type doping, when the doping element has an outer electron more than the semiconductor. The dopant is called electron donor, since it emits an electron. By submitting a negatively charged electron, the dopant has a positive charge. The conductivity per se can thus be attributed to free electrons. Since the conductivity is attributed to negative electrons, it is called n-type doping.
  • Doping is called p-doping, when the doping element has an external electron less than the semiconductors. This can take up an external electron element consequently, whereby a positive hole. Here, then, appear to move the holes against the movement of electrons. Since the conductivity is attributed to positive holes, it is called p-type doping.

The doped semiconductor is electrically neutral

  • Doped semiconductors thus always consist of a p- and n-doping. As described above, the dopant has here at a n-doping a positive charge. In a p-type impurity However, the doping element has a negative charge because it receives a negative electron.
  • So there is an equal number of positive and negative elementary charges. If you look doped semiconductors from the outside, they are therefore electrically neutral. The positive charges and the negative charges of the same are mutually exclusive.
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