Download Sharepod correctly

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Download Sharepod correctly

Manage music independently with SharePod.

SharePod: a free supplement for iTunes

  • Who owns an iPod or iPhone, knows the problem: Music files that are located once on the device, can no longer be transferred to a computer.
  • With the SharePod program can now work around this problem. Finally, you can use your music free again from the computer. SharePod is easy to use and you are free as a free download.

Where you can download the program?

  • The SharePod program that allows music files from iPhone or iPod copy on your computer is available on many websites for download. A safe and tested for viruses downloaded from
  • After opening the link, you are in the download section of the website. In addition to the download you will find here a short description of the function and use of SharePod. In addition, all programs offered here are checked for their legality go.
  • In a blue box, right of the page, you can control how much space you need for SharePod on your computer and if your operating system is compatible with the program.
  • To download SharePod, click on the banner that says to Download. In a new window you confirm the download of the server chip line with another click on the blue banner.
  • After a moment, opens a small window with which you can download SharePod. Here you click File Save, and then confirm with OK at the bottom right.

Setting SharePod on your computer

  • Once you have downloaded SharePod, you must unzip it on your computer. To do this, choose for a right click on the SharePod zip file, the sub-item Extract to SharePod. Then you can open your new SharePod folder the program with a double click on the iPod icon. An installation is not necessary for the program.
  • In order to use SharePod, the program iTunes 7 or later must be installed on your computer.
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