DownloadHelper disappeared - what to do?

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DownloadHelper disappeared - what to do?

The Download Helper is a useful extension. Lorenz_Rings / Pixelio

use DownloadHelper for Firefox

For Firefox, there is a plethora of add-ons, plug-ins and extensions. They make it easier to work with the browser and take you to certain operations from or help you customize the browser to your liking.

  • You can roughly distinguish between the functional and the safety at the extensions. These adjustments, which involve safety should be integrated into any browser. This includes pop-up blocker, page filter and also add-ons, which you can edit the handling and approvals for storing cookies and adjust.
  • The Download Helper is an extension, which appears towards the functional area. With its help one side with multimedia content, these localized and available on a specific button in your browser to quickly download the call ..
  • If the Download Helper once installed, it usually disappears again not easy. What can happen, however, is that after an upgrade from Firefox extension has suddenly disappeared or switched off again. But here can often be helped.

If an extension is gone

  1. Look first of all in your management to see if the Download Helper is an extension still listed and perhaps disabled. In the corresponding area can be reached via the menu "Tools" and "add-ons". About the "upgrade" button, see the relevant list. Visit here to Download Helper and click the "Activate" button.
  2. If the extension is completely gone, then you install these simply new. Proceed to the website of Mozilla and install yourself DownloadHelper simply re by pressing the green button. but this you must briefly authorize access to Firefox.
  3. Click after installation with the right mouse button above an empty area in your toolbar and use the shortcut menu "Customize" option. In the following window you can find the symbol Downloadhelpers, you can now place with the mouse again at the desired location on the toolbar.
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