Dream Interpretation - Wal

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Dream Interpretation - Wal

In shamanism, the dream of Wal resolve conflicts.

Mystical, strong, huge - Wal-associations

The whale is not only the largest mammal; a number of properties associated with it - they are all more or less relevant to its symbolic power.

  • The whale is reputed great wisdom. He should be, despite its size one of the most docile creatures. Besides, he is considered helpful and community-building.
  • By connecting to the water is associated with him for truth and purity. He penetrates to the deepest depths and comes to the bottom of all things.
  • Of special significance is the animal therefore in shamanism. In difficult situations arises before the shaman to sit under his own tree of life. Here he can ask a simple question to find a way out of his conflict. can help him his personal power animal. The whale is one of them. Overtakes the shaman image of Wales, he follows the animal in its (day) dream. If he brought down into the depths of the sea, then he will use the Wales the answer to his question, and must be inspired by the wisdom and purity of the animal for its life.

Although the shamanic dream of Wal occupies a special position, but also non-shaman may be the animal in a dream indication of things to come and help with decisions. Assuming this is a sensitive interpretation of dreams.

The dream of Wal - sensitive factors

What happens in dreams, has its roots always in reality. Therefore, first, a difference must be made.

  • If you have just met on vacation, for example, only on a whale, it's not unusual to dream. In this case, the whale is rather little symbolic understanding. Your subconscious mind simply processes the periods experiences.
  • Have you never met a whale or the encounter is far back, the dream of a whale is symbolic to interpret. A clear interpretation of dream symbols is unfortunately always difficult. Dreams are pure subconscious and therefore one of the most intimate and personal things that you learn. Everyone dreams and everyone else associated in other ways. therefore Consider Always what a dream symbol means to you personally.
  • The constellation in which a dream symbol occurs should be included in the interpretation. From a whale ashore dreaming is something else than a in the water. An interpretation of the dream symbol is actually only ever useful if during the dream attention is on. Dream for example from a vacation on the coast and a whale once briefly out of the water without you thinking in the dream anything to then fill your subconscious dream world just with typical marine components. The animal is therefore too little importance.

Your source culture has an influence on the symbolic meaning of a dream being. Therefore it makes a difference whether you as an Indian by a whale dream or as Europeans. Just what difference does it?

Dream Interpretation - big decisions

Regardless of culture and origin of the whale is above all one thing: big.

  • If one wants to develop a generalized interpretation of dreams for Walsymbol, then is precisely this size, therefore, at the center. With its dimension coherently solve the whale in every culture at the same time a conflict from: the queasy between respect and positive fascination. These two components are therefore suitable as universalized interpretation. The dreamer is in a great conflict between positives and negatives.
  • And now the details: While the dream of a free whale in Arab climes an intimidating business with a positive outcome is associated, to be connected with a large profit in India whaling. A free swimming whale dream however wants to point to future hurdles that can be overcome with great force, according to Indian dream interpretation.
  • From a European perspective the whale in the dream symbolizes a surprising decision that is imminent. Surprisingly reflected here is that it is not common in European culture, a whale watch. The decision again meets up with the idea of ​​Wal between humble respect and positive fascination. And the size of the animal is the relevance of the decision again.
  • Since the whale is also symbolizes strength in European climes due to its size and cultural described as mild-mannered and helpful beings, has the dream of Wal for a European at the same time on a friend out who will assist in the decision. Exception is a whale that can capsize a ship. This is about a decision that threatens a plunge into the abyss.

Whether European, Indian or Arabic - always keep in mind your personal experience in the interpretation of your dream symbol. Just as the design of the whale may lead to an interpretation of dreams, you can be of help to the reality actually.

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