Dress First - experience

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Dress First - experience

Dressfit Dresses are bargain with risk potential.

2 Dresses by Dress First

The friend of my daughter ordered at Dress First few months ago a dress that you wanted to wear at the wedding of your cousin. She was completely thrilled and advised my stepdaughter your wedding dress to order there. However, there was a small problem: She had about 50 € additional payment to the postman, although the dress had been paid in advance.

  • Daughter chose a dream in Satin, who was described as Ball Gown with Sweetheart. The price was a little more than 350 € less fantastic, but I have to admit, much cheaper than in the bridal shop. Such a dress would have a big hole torn in the budget, if it had been purchased in the shop.
  • Unfortunately there was the exact material indication because Satin is a collective term for fabrics with satin weave that this has a glossy surface. It can be made of silk, rayon or polyester. The dress in the shop was made of polyester, so I assumed that this would be the dress of Dress First the case.
  • Thus the good pieces would fit, I helped take measurements, the dimensions were accurately entered and sent the order. Customization takes time and so it was good that until the wedding even eight weeks would go by.

Experience with the Maßkleid

  • Despite express delivery it took nearly 4 weeks until the dress arrived, the experience made the friend of daughter is not in her dress after 14 days was there. The long delivery time limited purely from the time the complaint options a. So then almost 70 € paid for customs postman also more or less harmless. Only after a careful study of the English pages of Dress First I could not find anything on the subject inches. But even with the unexpected award the dress was still very low.
  • When fitting, it turned out that it was simply too far. A special regulation stipulates that a discount is applied at deviations of more than 1 inch and the dress can be changed in a tailor's, provided a copy of the receipt will be sent to Dress First. We complained immediately that the dress about 2.5 inches in the waist is too wide, but got no answer.
  • Processing was moderate to poor. But I'm a trained seamstress and could sew up all the threads. Since there was no reply to the complaint, I have the dress equal amended himself.
  • The many beads that are sewn on the upper part, or should be, rather, were sewn in a rather unusual and arbitrary patterns, about 1/3 was supplied loose. It was hard to tell if the jewelry was once sewn. After about 9 hours of work the dress looked but from perfect and fitted like a glove.

Personal conclusion, the dress was much cheaper than in the store, but also poorly finished. If we had given it in a tailor's, is difficult to assess whether it would still have been inexpensive. Although we have requested through PayPal a partial refund, but somehow the matter has dragged on. Finally, our photos were not sufficient as evidence. From my experience I would rate out as a purchase rather risky.

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