Dressage - so you ride correct halfpass

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Dressage - so you ride correct halfpass

In the traversal, the horse is placed in the direction of movement. Jessica_Konrad / Pixelio

General over-passes

  • This lesson is already one of the more severe lessons in dressage, because it places high demands on the rideability of dressage horses and the ability of the rider.
  • The traversal is a forward-sideways movement, which can be ridden in all gaits. However, half passes are ridden usually only at a trot or gallop.
  • The horse is provided with this lesson in the moving direction and bent around the inner leg.
  • The hooves are clearly cross and transgress side, the movement must not be neglected forward.
  • A correctly ridden Traversale is fluid and supple, the dressage horse is loose on the aids and can be limited easily.
  • As with all dressage lessons here's neck must be the highest point, the nose should be slightly in front of the vertical.
  • In a tournament that lesson is usually required when changing direction, a half pass to the right is separated directly from a left. Here, the horse should be fluent straightened from the right turn and immediately placed in the left-hand bend. Galloping here a flying lead change is necessary.

The warm up of dressage horse is important

  • Even the best dressage horse must be sufficiently warmed, loosened and dissolved before work to avoid tensions.
  • Ride your horse in all gaits hardworking forward down and turn it respectively to the inner leg.
  • Do you often change the pace and riding correct, hardworking transitions. To bring the horse close to him.
  • Let chew the reins and check so the suppleness of your dressage horse, only then you can start to work in dressage.

The preparation of the half pass

  • Your horse should certainly be on the aids, hardworking supplanted from behind can be quickly and flexibly bend in the rib cage.
  • It is helpful to ride a first, simple traversal of a corner is out. So you can leave the course prescribed by this corner bend with incorporated into the lesson.
  • Make your horse carefully an easily executed, half halt on itself.
  • In the corner, turn the horse to your inner thighs, outer thighs limits the hindquarters, located slightly to the rear, easy on the horse's womb.
  • Your own rider's weight you shift inward slightly, but remain myself just sit.
  • Ensure easily yield to the inside rein, because your horse should be at the outside rein, which also yields slightly in motion.

To ride this lesson correctly

  • From the corner out you do not judge your horse back straight, but keep the internal position and bend in.
  • The inner leg is the front of the girth and drives forward.
  • Your weight is shifted slightly inward, which will cause you a well trained dressage horse to to go in the direction of increased weight.
  • The outer legs set slightly verwahrend yet impulsive, a hand broad back. With this, you limit the hindquarters of the horse, to ensure that this remains diligent in you. At the same time, push it into the sideways movement.
  • The outer limits reins also easy position, because the horse may not be too put in the direction of movement, because that hinders forward movement in the traversal.
  • Important is the delicate interplay of all aids, you must feel when you have to give what help feeling energetic.
  • Always make sure that you allow the forward movement of the inner leg, hold the horse with the outer legs at the same time around the inside of sideways movement.
  • Would you like to end the half pass, set up your horse and just do it easy with two legs and your back forward.

Later you will this lesson can also gallop. Please note that the horse must then galloping at a half pass to the right on the right lead, in accordance with a half pass to the left on the left lead.

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