Drilling on Saturday - note value

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Drilling on Saturday - note value

Drilling is allowed on Saturday just outside the rest periods.

Drilling on Saturday in an apartment house

  • Drilling may be a noise nuisance for the neighbors in an apartment building. But this is only the case when drilled during rest periods or other noise is caused. Outside the rest shall noise caused.
  • Often is regulated in the lease, when the rest periods. It may also be that the lease refers to the House Rules or the House Rules as an annex to the lease with part of the agreements is. You can then just read in the House Rules, when the rest periods. Many landlords hang the house rules also in the hallway, so it can be read by anyone.
  • Many agree rest periods from Monday to Friday from 12 to 15 hs. On Saturday is then often the midday rest from 12 to 15 hs. On Sundays and public holidays noise should be avoided entirely. Night is 22-7 in the morning to avoid noise.
  • Noise you are not allowed on Saturday morning, causing the afternoon, but in the siesta. The siesta serves many people to relax or take a nap. This is very important especially for children and the elderly. Be considerate to your neighbors.

These legal consequences threaten disregard of the rest periods

  • Who wants on Saturday absolutely boring and no consideration for the siesta takes, which still needs to fear no further legal consequences of a single disturbance. If, however, repeated to a disturbance in the rest periods, it may be that the neighbors complaining.
  • Basically, each tenant has the right to demand from his landlord that the disorder is stopped. Consult other tenants to the landlord, the landlord needs the deviant call to refrain from the noise and to abide by the house rules.
  • This can be done orally or in writing. The owner may also require an omission of noise and it make a threat of termination. If you think the interferer again of the house rules, this can lead to a termination when advance a warning is carried out with the threat of termination.
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