Driver's license vision test - use online software to practice

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Driver's license vision test - use online software to practice

Prepare online before the eye test.

The eye test is an important step on the way to license. You wonder why this test is important? Simple: In the transport your eyes have to work - danger zones should be recognized as well as traffic signs and other traffic. In short, without a failed test, do not complete the license. But do not panic, there are online software with which you can prepare for this exam. In the following description you get told what sites are suitable and how to use the programs listed.

For the driver's license vision test can prepare here

  • Know "Fielmann"? This provider for eyeglasses has its own home page on the Internet. On this you can make the preparation for the vision test online.
  • If you are looking for another option, is probably to "MC Optique" find.

The former site offers more variants, his vision to put to the test as an offer number two. This is why you read in another section, how to use the program the upper point.

Take "Fielmann" for online preparation

  1. Press Just click the above link. This takes you directly to the right page and you no longer have to search for it themselves.
  2. Now scroll down the small piece to the page jump. There one recognizes three colored fields, the first two are practice tests.
  3. Now Decide on the color test or the visual acuity test and click on the corresponding window.
  4. If you have chosen the first option, a picture with colored spots will be displayed. Also see points in a second embodiment. You must now realize what symbol is behind the pink circles.
  5. Are you sure your decision, so enter the result in the small white box below the image. Go over the "Next-link" to the following example. At the end you get displayed in the evaluation of how many of the entries are correct.

Such an exercise is a way a little more security when you are racing the way to the right eye test. Have you passed this, you have the license already one step closer. Good luck!

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