Drums build yourself - ideas for crafting with children

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Drums build yourself - ideas for crafting with children

Young children like to make noise. Dieter_Schütz / Pixelio

Drums for fast fun

If it has to be fast times, you can repurpose various kitchen appliances to a loud drums. That's how it works.

  • In empty canning or chip cans fill croutons and rice. Close the lid. Make best multiple shaker so that each child can set the rhythm of time.
  • On the ground insert file folders, shoe boxes and pails. Tape them securely best. In the table set upside down pots, cheese graters, plastic cups and mixing bowls. Using a wooden spoon, children can now strike the kitchen utensils.
  • Simultaneously enter the small musicians with his foot on the frozen to the ground objects.

Building a simple drum set itself

With these homemade instruments arise very different sounds.

  • The base of each drum kit are the drums, also called Tom. You may cobble together in different ways. For small drums use kitchen or toilet paper rolls, they can then take the children in hand. Cut apart balloons and drag it over the rollers. Fix the balloon with a rubber band.
  • For large drums using flowerpots, flower pots or empty paint buckets. Here you use parchment paper. Make a circle a large circle, cut from these. The scope should be slightly larger than the opening of your vessel. Clamp the paper firmly on the jar and wrap several rubber bands around. For very young children, you should with several layers of paper work.
  • Drumsticks you can build from brushes or chopsticks itself. Solve with brushes from the top. Plug matching wooden beads at the end. For a softer sound wrap cotton wool or foam to brush and chopsticks. Fix the material again with rubber bands.
  • The hi-hat build so: Ask Brass plates or square plates of stainless steel in a plate rack. Now the children can strike the plate.
  • Even Percussion Drums you can cobble together themselves. Use round or square Plastikbrettchen, this glue foam rubber or felt.

Make sure that each child gets an element from the drum so that there will be no quarrels. Then you can start already.

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