Dry border USA - Statement

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Dry border USA - Statement

In the US is the dry line.

What is the dry limit?

  • The dry climatic boundary designates a geographical area, the regions with precipitation surplus areas demarcates with a lack of precipitation.
  • In this area the rainfall throughout the year is the same as the amount of evaporation. The water balance is thus balanced in these regions on average.
  • The agronomic dry boundary, however designated area limit up to which a rainfed possible and thus no irrigation must be used. Beyond this limit, an arable farming is only possible with irrigation systems.
  • The agronomic dry boundary can be determined by the formula approximate:
    Annual precipitation N (in mm) = 15 (mm / ° C) * The average annual temperature (T).

Geographical location in the US

  • In the US, this geographical phenomenon in the eastern part of the country is particularly pronounced. It is located at about 100 degrees west longitude, adjacent to the Great Plains.
  • From the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico from moist air flows inland, so that decreases from the coasts of the precipitate.
  • In the western US, the dry border is relatively close to the coast and is only occasionally pronounced. As a result of the Rockies much precipitation falls in the coastal region, there is further inland already desert or semi-desert climate. The definition of the transition zone, which represents the dry border is so punctually fulfilled only in very few places.
  • Cities that are on the climatic dry border in the US, for example, are Denver, Colorado Springs, Pierre, Bismarck and Carlsbad.
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