Dry screed and construction - Find out more about the laying

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Dry screed and construction - Find out more about the laying

Dry screed can be laid on underfloor heating. Uli Carthäuser / Pixelio

The construction of dry screed consists of plasterboard

Dry floor consists of another staggered plasterboard, which are about a Zenit meters thick.

  • When setting up the Dry stroke You need with a foil, line bottom with a moisture barrier, eg. As. Should the ground prove cracked or porous, a dry bulk will be necessary by a wax-wrapped, be bonded in hot mineral granules before Plattenverlegung first.
  • If you need a special sound insulation, you can install the gypsum fibreboard additionally on a layer rigid foam or mineral wool. As the insulating material, as well as the dry bed is very heat-retaining, the dry screed especially for laying of floor heating is suitable.
  • It is only important that you first insulate the walls or pipes and the dry screed not directly z. B. to the pipe or move up to the wall, otherwise you will have to reckon with considerable sound transmissions. If you are not quite sure in the craft, it is perhaps more appropriate to have embarrassed the dry screed by a specialist.
  • The specialized trade offers dry floor in completed assembly to vary. You can decide between Fermacell dry screed, Brio, Power Panel TE and others. The structure dimensions are 500 times 1250 mm and thickness 2.5 cm having a weight of about 16 kg. can per square meter costs between 27 to 30 €, are in favorable material about 14 to 15 €.

Dry screed is also suitable for wood-beamed ceilings

  • If you want to lay screed on a wooden beam ceiling, the floor, which is often easily done must stand firm, under load. Therefore, you must line the beamed ceilings previously with a sufficiently good substructure in order to guarantee both durability soundproofing and a certain heat embankment protection.
  • On a wooden beam ceiling, it is therefore not easy to build the floor neither too high, but to make it even more to weight strongly stable. Especially a beamed ceiling starts to get moldy if the moisture can not escape through the screed.
  • For this reason, it is often not easy to apply the liquid line on a wooden beam ceiling, although the properties of liquid stroke are quite good. So at this point are in addition to the dry floor other construction options are presented: Dry covering, which is applied to a bed is, having a structure of 2.5 cm slightly higher than if you would build a particle board on a bed. Even the dry screed is slightly heavier than the particle board on the bed but for the fire risk in dry screed is lower still.
  • It is advantageous in particular that you can install a floor heating with a dry floor structure even later. In addition to the dry floor are three other options open to coat a beamed ceiling with screed: A poured asphalt is quite low and is therefore suitable for older buildings. However, mastic asphalt has to be well balanced on uneven ground. Unfortunately poured asphalt having a warming technical problem that sunlight furniture quite "sink" can.
  • The anhydrite requires a well-sealed surface, so that the wooden beams not moisturized. Anhydrite is insufficiently resistant to humidity and very low acoustic. By contrast, magnesia is very thin and light, and is applied in combination. Unfortunately magnesia has an insufficient soundproofing.

Whether you have a dry floor, a anhydrite or magnesite your wooden ceiling beams plan, in any case, you should first consult a structural engineer if your wooden ceiling is sufficiently stable to fill it with screed.

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