Durability of oysters - it you should look for when buying

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Durability of oysters - it you should look for when buying

Oysters are a costly delicacy.

Oysters have, in addition to their high water content to a whole range of vitamins and minerals. However, can be perilous circumstances the enjoyment of bad oysters become. It is therefore all the more important to be informed about what to look out on the purchase and storage of oysters. The following guide will give you a good overview.

Durability of sensitive marine organisms

If you observe the following instructions, you must eat your oysters immediately, but you can still enjoy after 3-4 days.

  1. Take the oysters after purchase directly from the plastic bag, so you can breathe. This is the first condition for a good life.
  2. Cover the oysters only with a damp cloth.
  3. Place the oysters necessarily represent the thick curl down in a bowl in the lower compartment of the refrigerator. If possible, you should stack the oysters, instead of putting it together. On ice, salt or additional water you should avoid during storage. The shelf life is not thereby increased.

Oysters Buy - Quality features

Buyer of oysters, it is, like buying all marine organisms to pay attention to special features that guarantee impeccable freshness. Here, the smell and sight play a crucial role.

  • Observe how the dealer handles the oysters. Careful treatment should be understood.
  • Are the oysters easily partially open, they try either their natural instinct filter exercise or no longer live. To determine this, touch the oysters lightly with your finger. Close they are then not again, you should refrain from buying.
  • In addition, the oysters in perfect cosmetic condition should be. Let the finger of specimens into broken shells.
  • Apart from the visual impression and the smell of the freshness of marine animals is crucial. Fresh oysters should accordingly smell fresh and by sea. Ask an unpleasant odor resistant after purchase, you should reclaim or dispose of the oysters.
  • A foul odor may, however, come from the sea mud which at Oysters often settles in the hinge area. This point, you should before consumption so thoroughly scrub and then convince again the smell of the animal.
  • Establish after opening the oysters that these do not look juicy but have dried up, this is also a reason to throw away.
  • If you lightly tap on the oysters and this sound unusual hollow, which is a sign that they are almost or already dried.
  • Best buy your oysters very fresh at your deli or fishmonger you trust.
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