DVB-T receiver set correctly and use

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DVB-T receiver set correctly and use

Digital television requires a DVB-T receiver.

When DVB-T is useful

Who has not yet converted to digital television, which has to be expected that the TV remains dark from next year. set Digital television via DVB-T receiver, is the easiest and cheapest solution. They would be suitable in the following cases:

  • If one looks a little television and do not want to have a lot of effort and cost. If no cable is laid or when the fees for cable are too expensive.
  • If the landlord is not allowed to grow a satellite dish. If the satellite reception is disrupted by structural components, such as in church towers or tall trees.

Connect a DVB-T receiver

To connect a DVB-T receiver to your TV, follow these steps:

  1. Connect TV and the receiver with a Scart cable. The SCART connector is a 21-pin connector.
  2. Connect a DVB-T-capable antenna to the receiver. You should here use an antenna that has a separate power supply. The better the antenna, the better is the DVB-T receiver, the signal on your TV.
  3. Turn off the TV now and then turn on the receiver. The TV will automatically jumps to the AV channel.
  4. Configure the receiver and perform a channel scan.
  5. If little stations are found, point the reception antenna, as this may have been due to poor location of the antenna and thus a weak signal.
  6. Start the station search again and wait. Place the transmitter in an appropriate order your wishes when needed.
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