DVD speed throttle - with these tools works

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DVD speed throttle - with these tools works

Many DVD drives are very loud and annoying.

slow the DVD speed with CD-Bremse

Current CD and DVD drives work with such high speeds as they could previously only use hard drives. Unless you hear when playing a CD or DVD to loud music, then you will hear the sound of your drive rotary definitely. Just when you want to view, for example, at rest, a DVD, the annoying noise is very disturbing. Using a free tool you can remedy the situation and reduce the speed of your CD or DVD drive. The software CD-Bremse is freeware and works under all older and newer versions of Windows. Installation is done easily and quickly.

  1. Launch the tool CD-Bremse.
  2. In the menu you can select at the top of your DVD drive.
  3. Simply click the arrow to throttle the speed and select a small multiplier (2x or 4x should be sufficient).
  4. Put a check in the "start with Windows and is ready" and the tool will run automatically in the future in the background.

Nero DiscSpeed ​​also can reduce speed

If you agree with the tool not CD-brake, so you can use as an alternative, the free software Nero DiscSpeed. The software runs on all Windows versions from Windows 2000. In fact, it involves a benchmark program, which allows you to test the most important features of your CD and DVD drives. A throttling the speed is, however, also possible. Also this program you have installed shortly and can use it easily.

  1. Start the software Nero DiscSpeed.
  2. Select the program menu "Options" and then click the menu item "Standard tests" on.
  3. Select on the right side during read and write speed from the lowest value.
  4. Click "Disc quality" and set in the middle of the maximum DVD speed to 10 or lower.
  5. Confirm your settings and exit the menu. The software must be open to throttle the speed.
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