Dwarf rabbits - entertainment

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Dwarf rabbits - entertainment

Dwarf rabbits need lots of space.

The cage is the home of your dwarf rabbits and should offer the animals therefore everything they need for a happy and healthy life.

The right cage for dwarf rabbits

  • Since the dwarf rabbits mostly stay in the cage, you should buy this as large as possible or build yourself. A dwarf rabbit needs about 2 square meters, to move sufficiently to. The cage should not be smaller than 150x80 cm, since you also have to accommodate various items in the rabbit cage.
  • As the animals move a lot and are very agile, the cage in such animals in no case should provide less space, but rather more space. Upwardly no limits are thus set. This is especially true if you do not want to alone keep the animal, because dwarf rabbits love life together with conspecifics.

Proper food at fair attitude

Finished feed your dwarf rabbits get commercially. Since not even feed the animals in the wild but of finished pressed and dried fodder, you should animals still fresh feed supplementation.

  • Fresh green fodder such as dandelion, grass, chamomile, as well as herbs such as parsley or fresh flowers, you can offer to eat the dwarf rabbits daily. Thus the animals have something to gnaw on, enter a few fresh branches from the apple tree or a birch with the cage.
  • If you want to provide the animals with fresh fruit and vegetables, then you make the feeding schedule every day. Give fruits and vegetables such as carrots, fennel, cabbage and cucumber are only in small amounts and remove, if any, necessarily all cores and stem approaches.

General information on animal welfare

  • In a fair attitude should the dwarf rabbits grant as often as possible freewheel. Let the animals then run freely under supervision in a room. Thus the animals can move properly and even run again properly, it is best if you take it every day an hour.
  • Thus, the animal hide in the cage or may withdraw, you should establish a small bunkhouse. In a pairwise attitude at least two of these little houses, so that each animal has a retreat.
  • Nice is also a small place where the little rabbits can put some increases. Such a high seat you can easily make a few successive questions bricks themselves.
  • Do not forget to bolster the cage floor well with litter and straw, and attach a hay rack in the cage, which should always be filled with hay.

Dwarf rabbits are small, but still happy and much in motion. You therefore enjoy the daily freewheel together with animals and make the small pets as quickly tame.

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