Ean Code: find manufacturers - how it works

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Ean Code: find manufacturers - how it works

The Ean Code is a secret language.

How to build up a Ean Code

Many claim a Ean code consists of 12 digits, others claim it would consist of 13 digits. Now what's wrong?

  • Note that both statements are correct.
  • Remember that only the first 12 digits define the products 13th digit is a Check digits.
  • Remember also that you. Using the first two digits indicate the origin country, can decrypt the article with the following five numbers the manufacturer and with the other five numbers

Finding the manufacturer

If you want to know now, which manufacturer is located behind the said article, then you can proceed as follows:

  1. If you have the information about which country is which manufacturer, then you can already find out which producer has created the article may reference to the first two numbers below the bar code (in charge of the Country). This works only if there are only a few manufacturers to the present subject.
  2. Furthermore you can find out on the Internet, which manufacturer stands behind the products.
  3. To do this, the search term "Ean Code decrypt" into the search engine. You will find that you will get some results.
  4. Professional sites also allow reverse scans. That is, give a Ean code and already appears to you, who the manufacturer is.
  5. Ensure (ie all 13 digits) that you type the entire Ean Code, so that the manufacturer can be found. Apart from the company name still to get more information, such as address, contact person and telephone numbers.
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