earthing up potatoes

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earthing up potatoes

Potatoes should be earthing up properly.

If you have a garden and enough acreage, you should not miss to grow potatoes. Because freshly harvested potatoes with cottage cheese or spinach and egg - as you now runs determines the mouth water.

Growing potatoes

  • If you go to the potato crop once again want to grow something, take potatoes, but if the potatoes the only supposed to be in the year, then you can use late varieties.
  • In the plants of potatoes take precautions so that you will not come early in the earth, because the potato plants is sensitive to frost. Early April is the best time for this variety. And on average, it takes 14-20 days, then look at the first shoots out of the ground.
  • For a later crop you can plant the potatoes until mid-June.
  • For planting the potatoes a good preparation of the soil is necessary. Dig as deep as possible to the surface and then harken nice and smooth.
  • Now for the plants of the potatoes: The row spacing should be about 50 cm and the distance between the plants in the row should then be approximately 40 cm. Then lift of about 15-20 cm deep holes, in which place the seed potatoes - naturally with eyes looking up.
  • Finally, rake the holes and do not forget about during further growth, the earthing up.

The earthing

  • As soon as the first shoots of potatoes come through the ground, you should first earthing up the potatoes. You just tug with a rake of both sides earth on the shoots, so that a wall along the entire crop row arises. This protects the potatoes from the cold and possible freezing nights.
  • If again break through this wall the shoots of the plant, you should re-earthing up the soil, thus increasing the Wall. This is necessary so that no new, is still in the growth potatoes gotten daylight. That would give rise to the potatoes green bodies, which are bitter tasting and inedible. The eat with this green parts can cause stomach upsets, as these contain poisonous solanine.
  • If the hills are too small by rain or wind, you ridging the soil at once. So the potatoes can grow nicely and taste wonderful.
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