Earthworms breed for fishing - so it'll work

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Earthworms breed for fishing - so it'll work

to breed earthworms, is simple.

Earthworms breed - Instructions

  1. In order to breed earthworms, for fishing or for the compost, you need a suitable substrate. Ideal peat moss having a pH value of 6.5. Water this first 24-hour period. Remove some spoon substrate, you mix this in a plastic cup with distilled water and stir this solution to. Test the pH with corresponding strips. If the value is less than 6.5 type calcium carbonate or lime to the total substrate added, mix it and try again until the correct height is reached.
  2. If the substrate is ready to drain or drain the excess water. The correct humidity level is reached when you can squeeze a handful and the substrate dropped only slightly.
  3. Now drill numerous small holes in the bottom of the first plastic box and fill it with the peat.
  4. Ask the second box including as a drip tray. Place both boxes on a dark place.
  5. Measure the temperature of Torfmulls. Worms need 4 ° C to 25 ° C, for reproduction are 21 ° C is ideal.
  6. Now bring on the first earthworms for growing for fishing on the substrate. After a few hours the worms should be independently disappeared into the ground. Lying almost all worms above the peat moss is not suitable for them. Perhaps he is too acidic or too wet. Are only a few animals to see, it is very likely that they are sick and therefore unsuitable for breeding. In order not to jeopardize the other animals, you should remove the stragglers.
  7. Feed the worms immediately, but wait a few days until the first meal. Enter then only little food in a small hill on the floor and wait for the next feeding, until everything is completely gone.
  8. Keep the soil moist by wetting in regularly with water from a spray bottle. When signs many worms to the surface, the substrate is too wet.

Fishing, compost and garden soil - Tips for worms

  • Do you want to breed earthworms, for fishing bait or as an addition for their own compost, select if possible Eisenia foetida. This worm species can be very easily and quickly multiply.
  • Never feed too much when you breed earthworms, and pay attention to mildew. When lining up special worm fodder but are also decaying leaves, cooked oatmeal, fruit and vegetable residues. However, these foods can also attract other animals and give an unpleasant smell. therefore feeding you really only small amounts and enter, add a little coffee grounds, this scent like the worms. For the required cellulose content in the diet, you can make the worms also simple scraps of paper available. If you do not even collect worms, buy a worm-starter.
  • Keep the worms away from light, because the little animals are photophobia good reason - too much radiation is fatal to them.
  • Do not kill the earthworms after growth before fishing. Fish bite much better at surviving worms.
  • If you want to give the worms in your compost, wait until the correct outside temperature and put your worms in a small trough. This will give the useful animals a good start and can quickly provide fertile soil.
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