Easy Magic Tricks for Kids - Ideas for school children

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Easy Magic Tricks for Kids - Ideas for school children

With simple magic tricks amaze your children.

customize the birthday with magic tricks for children

  • There are numerous, simple magic tricks for children. Especially at children's birthday or a celebration, most schoolchildren appreciate a small magic performance that they can perform.
  • With a little preparation and your help you and your children can prepare a small magic show.
  • Obtain the necessary equipment and set up together with your children. Especially when the children already go to school, the small Showeinlage succeeds determined.
  • Consider, together with the little ones, own magic formula that is used as a spell during the whole magic show.
  • You can also prepare yourself and involve your children later, the magic tricks. Because it is very simple tricks, your kids can easily mitzaubern.

Simple Tricks of the Birthday Show

  • A very simple magic trick is the floating egg. First you might fill some salt in a small bag and label them with 'magic powder'. It is best to use a sandwich bag.
  • Fill a glass with water and roll the egg before putting it in the water. It is important that the egg is fresh, otherwise the trick may not work.
  • Now your kids have to take action. For now, the egg is at the bottom of the glass, but once a child pours a little of the magic powder in the glass, while the murmurs Hand-crafted magic formula, the egg is suddenly swimming in the water!
  • Another magic trick is the pepper-trick this but you should practice before a few times.
  • Sprinkle some salt and pepper on the blank sheet of paper. Now use one of the egg spoon and rub this undetected to the wool sock. Let your child speak the spell and hold the spoon over the sheet. The pepper is automatically tightened, the salt remains on the paper.
  • Now use the second tray and allow to try the same thing the other kids. not Rub this spoon to the sock. Even it will turn out that only has a child about the magical powers.
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