eat rabbit May leek?

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eat rabbit May leek?

Leek - not suitable delicious, but for rabbits

Leek Leek is a greenhouse

  • Leek or leek called one of the leek plants and has a tuber. He was already known by the ancient Egyptians and served the pyramid farmers as food source.
  • Leek contains mustard oil, which in turn contains sharp essential oils. He also acts strongly flatulent.
  • Rabbits may therefore eat no leeks, because it is too hot the one hand by the mustard oil easily and is highly flatulent to another. Leeks, although in small amounts not harmful to the animals but should not be fed in principle.

This should Rabbits also do not get to eat

  • Old dry bread is not suitable for rabbit food. The carbohydrates contained in breads are simple carbohydrates and thus may lead to a false bacterial colonization in the intestine and thus faulty fermentation. Even old bread is often interspersed with mold spores.
  • Blähendes vegetables such as leeks and certain types of cabbage must not be fed. This carbon is not the same carbon. Kohlrabi leaves, for example, are easy to digest and are suitable with carrots and herbs Green suited as high fiber diet for diarrhea.
  • Sweet fruit and vegetables should only be given in moderation. Banana, juicy pear and carrots contain a lot of sugar. Therefore, they are too high in calories in quantities.
  • Concentrated feed and treats are at "normal" held rabbit too rich and fattening. Therefore, it is best not to feed concentrates. And about the sense and nonsense of sugared treats in the form of crackers and breadsticks rabbit owner should not think about it.
  • Salt lick - and limestones are absolutely harmful. Too much salt in the body disturbs the water balance and lime or calcium can lead to kidney and bladder stones. For this just tilt the castrated buck.

By this rabbit allowed to eat sick

  • The "bread" of the rabbit's hay. Hay in very good quality should always be freely available - so much want to eat the animal. Good hay can be identified by smell. It must smell fragrant, must not produce dust, and it should contain dried wild herbs. Musty, dusty, damp hay you should not feed. Nor moldy hay.
  • Water-rich and low-calorie vegetables such as Cucumber can also be given. A high water content in the diet reduces the risk of bladder and kidney stones.
  • Herbs such as parsley and dill, but also carrots and kohlrabi green leaves are rich in texture and low in calories. Herbs additionally contain healthy essential oils that can stimulate digestion. But beware of problems with urinary or Harngries - all four feeds are very rich in calcium!
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